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Polarity (Grantham, 1974) Volume (Grantham, 1974)
Hydrophobicity (Argos et al., 1982) Average flexibility (Bhaskaran-Ponnuswamy, 1988)
Absolute entropy (Hutchens, 1970) Number of hydrogen bond donors (Fauchere et al., 1988)
Recognition factors (Gasteiger, 2005) Graph shape index (Fauchere et al., 1988)
Smoothed upsilon steric parameter (Fauchere et al., 1988) Long-range contacts (L Fernández, 2007)
Relative connectivity (J Huang, 2007) Average surrounding hydrophobicity (Manavalan-Ponnuswamy, 1978)
Molecular weight (Fasman, 1976) Hydrophobicity index (Fasman, 1989)
Melting point (Fasman, 1976) Size (Dawson, 1972)
Bulkiness (Zimmerman et al., 1968) Hydrophobicity index (Wolfenden et al., 1979)
Long range non-bonded energy per atom (Oobatake-Ooi, 1977) Electron-ion interaction potential (Veljkovic et al., 1985)
Negative charge (Fauchere et al., 1988) Positive charge (Fauchere et al., 1988)
The stability scale from the knowledge-based atom-atom potential (Zhou-Zhou, 2004) Hydropathy index (Kyte-Doolittle, 1982)
Isoelectric point (Zimmerman et al., 1968)

Further information regarding Amino Acid Indices used.

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