Amino Acid Indices

The CISAPS webserver includes 611 different amino acid indices. Of these 611 unique indices, 528 were retrieved from the AAindex: Amino acid index database, the same index name of which is also used in the CISAPS webserver. The remaining AAIs were obtained from various additional literatures (see the Supplement-1 for further details).


Amino Acid Index ID: (e.g. 20 - Normalized frequency of extended structure)

(Currently the database is restricted to the first 100 amino acid indices)

Amino Acid Scale ID:

Amino Acid Index Name:

Amino Acid Index Description:

Amino Acid


Amino Acid


Amino Acid


Amino Acid


Alanine (A) :

Arginine (R) :

Leucine (L) :

lysine (K) :

Asparagine (N) :

Aspartic acid (D) :

Methionine (M) :

Phenylalanine (F) :

Cysteine (C) :

Glutamine (Q) :

Proline (P) :

Serine (S) :

Glutamic acid (E) :

Glycine (G) :

Threonine (T) :

Tryptophan (W) :

Histidine (H) :

Isoleucine (I) :

Tyrosine (Y) :

Valine (V) :